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Precautions for stainless steel bending processing

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Precautions for stainless steel bending processing

1. Under unit size, the thicker the plate, the greater the required bending force, and as the plate thickness increases, the margin for bending force should be greater when selecting bending equipment. Stainless steel has lower thermal conductivity and elongation than ordinary low-carbon steel, resulting in a higher required deformation force;

2. Under unit size, the greater the tensile strength, the smaller the elongation, and the greater the required bending force. The bending angle should be larger, compared to stainless steel with the same thickness as carbon steel. This should be particularly noted, otherwise bending cracks may occur and affect the strength of the workpiece;

3. In the case where the plate thickness corresponds to the bending radius in the design drawing, based on experience, the unfolded size of a bent workpiece is the sum of the right angle edges minus two plate thicknesses, which can fully meet the design accuracy requirements. Calculating the unfolded amount based on empirical formulas can simplify the calculation process and greatly improve production efficiency;

4. The higher the yield strength of the material, the greater the elastic recovery. In order to obtain a 90 degree angle of the bent part, the smaller the angle of the pressure knife needs to be designed. Austenitic stainless steel has a greater elastic recovery deformation compared to carbon steel during bending, so the angle of the pressure knife is relatively small compared to carbon steel.

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